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Sometimes a fire performance can be impractical or unsafe for an event venue,
This is where our LE
D light shows really shine!

Perfect for indoor venues and any type of audience, our light shows are vibrant performances of light, music, and visual effects.


The safety of light props means the audience can be much closer to the magic than with fire performances.  If prearranged, an audience member may even have the option to control the show! (great for birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations.)

Light shows provide a lot of scheduling flexibility since they can be performed inside regardless of the time of day or weather conditions.

Have an event with a dance floor? - A light show makes a great opening for an event and then the lighting arrays can turn your dance floor into a fun space for your guests to enjoy.
( Options include: LED lights, UV black-lights, lasers, fog/haze, and more.)

For the possible best visual impact, we recommend that LED performances are either at night or indoors with low lighting. (Safety lighting is always considered in any venue.)

With a variety of light-up props available, some for
larger performance spaces while others perfect for smaller or more crowded areas, no event type is unmanageable.
Bonus: The LED light props can be programmed to a specific color or color scheme to match the aesthetics of your particular event whether going for spooky, fun, wild, or ...

Ready to bring some light entertainment to your next event?

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