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What is a Fire Show Banner.png

Fire shows are an exhilarating display of spectacle and skill. Often performed solo or with other fire manipulators, they offer a truly personal experience for all your guests.
(Especially if they are in the front row.)


A multitude of effects, seemingly dangerous, but absolutely exciting and thrilling are presented live right before your eyes. Skillfully matched to prearranged music and accompanied by lighting, special effects, and more to create an enticing atmosphere.


Within a fire show, there are many different unique aspects. One aspect that our troupe personally attaches great importance to is bringing the audience into our world and allowing them to experience something “you can’t find everyday”.


A fire show is not measured by its length of time, but rather by the impression it leaves with the audience long after the embers have settled.


A good fire show can, depending upon its size, wonderfully entertain between 1 and 10,000 people; providing either a fiery start to the night, an ignited half-time show, or a memorable conclusion to an event.

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