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Kaiyakura Fire Troupe is a pyrotechnic performance group specializing in proximate audience spectacles. Unlike the far-off feeling of firework displays, our adventures make you feel like you are right amidst the action.


Developing and performing with our own specialty fire effects we provide a performance that is truly one of a kind!

The troupe is fully insured with licensed State of Ohio Firework/Flame Effect Exhibitors to help keep your show safe, legal, and fun.

Kaiyakura Logo with Spark Circle No Back

As with all fire, pyrotechnics, and life, there is always an element of risk. This is why our troupe goes above and beyond the legal requirements when it comes to safety.


All members are trained in hazard mitigation and response throughout every year.  Kaiyakura boasts nationally licensed firefighters and medical staff to provide abundant safety training and extra layers of protection to your performance.


Environmental Impact

Kaiyakura cares and works to protect both the environment and the venue.


Stemming from our members' time in Scouts BSA and their commitment to "Leave No Trace"  we incorporate environmental protection practices into everything we do.

Some examples include:

  • elevating ground effects to prevent scorched earth

  • spinning off surplus fuel into containers  for recollection

  • recycling the waste produced when making our effects (sometimes this waste can even become another effect in the show!) 

Troupe History and Facts

The Kaiyakura Fire Troupe (k-eye-ya-koo-ra) was founded in 2018 in the Dayton, Ohio area.

The word Kaiyakura comes from the language of Rutan and means “clever tribe with powerful fire”.

Originally formed from scouts from the local area, the troupe has since expanded and boasts members from all over the state.

Current members are from Dayton, Columbus, Bowling Greene, Athens, Cincinnati, and more.

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