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Troupe Roles

Join the Troupe

Kaiyakura is always looking for new friends to help make our show come to life. There is a place for any talented individual who wants to join in.

Below are some different areas of the troupe where members can participate.

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At the heart of what we do, these skilled individuals are what bring the event to life.

- Flow artists, dancers, martial artists, stage fighters, magicians, actors; all forms of people are needed for this vital role.


Stage Management

The field commanders of our show, these individuals take lead of the crew to put on a safe, and enjoyable performance.

- Every performance brings something new and these members are the true stars of the show!


Backstage Tech / Design

Be a key player in the show without having to be on stage!  Work with experienced designers to learn new skills and create a world worthy of a show this spectacular. 

- Set designers, stage hands, roadies, drivers, prop fuelers.  


Lighting and Display Effects

Design, test, and deploy custom light shows in live stage performances. Use a wide variety of wired and DMX-controlled lighting to display your creativity in each performance.

- Use professional lighting fixtures including: Moving Head Spots, Pars, Light bars, LED flame lights, app-syncable LED props; as well as fog machines and laser systems for added effect.




Responsible for making the show sound great, these members use microphones, interfaces, powered speakers, and digital sound boards to make us sound good in ever-changing environments. 


- Make sound move across the stage with our audience surround-sound system; or record and utilize custom voiceover files to add a unique touch to an event.

Fire Safety  (In-troupe training provided)

Protect the audience and the troupe by providing a layer of protection against any misbehaving fire. Training will be provided to you by firefighters and  members will become eligible for state fire credentials at the end of training program.

- Fire safety personnel get to watch the show from up close 


Photography / Videography

Preserve a bit of the magic in one of the toughest photography settings in the world - in the dark, with constant movement, fire and fireworks, moving stage lights, and smoke. Up to the challenge?

Also work with green-screen recording, image manipulation, and video editing to create custom holograms for use in the show.

**Score epic images with an opportunity for monetary return.**

Costume/ Prop Building

Design and construct props and costumes totally unique to the world. From conceptualization to realization, be part of the whole process. 

With no precedence, there is no limit to your creativity.


- Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Carpentry, Welding and Fabrication, Sewing and Embroidery, 3D printing of parts and prototypes, etc.

**Opportunity for patents for any new creation.**


Pyrotechnics  (In-troupe training available)

Join the real masters of fire and learn to control flame effects and fireworks. Get certified as a Firework/ Flame Effect Assistant Exhibitor and join in as the troupe ignites a sense of wonder in our audience.


Also opens opportunities to work with our pyrotechnic partners at other events, including

pro-sports games, holiday shows, and, of course, the huge 4th of July displays around the state.

Other Opportunities Include:

- Show Design / Choreography

- Social Media / Marketing

and more

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